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    American Chung Do Kwan Ranks
    The belt represents the member's dedication to the art of Tae Kwon Do, the work he or she has put into it and the skill level reached as a result of that dedication and work. Since the belt is an outward representation of inner growth, it is the most important part of the uniform. It should be handled with respect. Never throw your belt on the ground or treat it haphazardly. It is never to be washed. Store the belt in a secure place so that it is not lost or stolen.

    Symbolism of the Student Belt Colors is as follows:
    (Rank requirements can be found by clicking each belt.)

    A seed is white when it starts to shed its hard outer covering, so this color represents purity of heart, mind and soul.

    When a seed is planted, the initial sprout is yellow and represents enlightenment from the art and science of Tae Kwon Do. Yellow is a symbol of new growth.

    As a plant pushes through the ground, it changes to green, and this color represents growth as the student starts to understand and develop direction.

    The plant begins to achieve direction as it reaches for the blue sky. Blue represents the vastness of space for growth, great heights to be achieved and the vast sea of knowledge yet to be learned.

    Brown is the coming of age as the plant enters the first stages of maturity, a slowing of the cycle of life, the passing on of student ways and the beginnings of the black belt stage. Brown represents full growth as a student.

    The color many trees take on in the fall of life, it is a sign of the yearning and desire for maturity thus representing the fire that burns with a passion for the black belt. Red also represents caution to the students as they prepare to accept the increased responsibility of the dan ranks.

    As a plant dies, it turns black and falls back to the earth to nourish the new seedlings of the future. Black represents the passing on of life, a new completion of the life cycle, now acting as a growth medium for new students. It is a sign of accomplishments of the past and preparation for the future.

    Taken from American Chung Do Kwan, Ltd.Tae Kwon Do Student Manual, 1st edition.

    Last Updated March 22, 2010