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Practices are held
some Tuesdays/Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Check the Practice Schedule for details.

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    Testing Requirements for 1st Dan - Black Belt

     1. Verbal or written examination covering
        A. At what point has one learned all that there is to know about Tae Kwon Do?
        B. What is the history of Tae Kwon Do?

    2. Basic Techniques
        Be prepared to demonstrate all prior basic movements in addition to the
        following triple combination techiques
             A. Kicking fake / out-to-in axe kick / front kick / in-to-out axe kick
             B. Kicking fake / front kick / in-to-out axe kick / out-to-in axe kick
             C. Kicking fake / low round kick / high round kick / back kick
             D. Kicking fake / high round kick / back kick / jump front kick
             E. Kicking fake / skip side kick / spin hook kick / high round kick
             F. Kicking fake / spin hook kick / spin side kick / spin back kick
             G. Kicking fake / jump away low round kick / skip front kick / jump front kick
             H. Kicking fake / spin hook kick / low round kick / jump spin hook kick
    3. Poomse (forms)
        A. All prior poomse requirements
        B. Koryo

    4. Hahn Bohn Gyo Roo Gi (one-step sparring)
        Execute sets 1-10 without the use of your arms to block or counterattack, feet only
        one-step sparring with full power, touch precision

    5. Jah Yoo Gyo Roo Gi (free sparing)
        Free spar three rounds with different opponents demonstrating:
        A. Selective and properly timed offense
        B. Reaction defense with scoring counter
        C. No contact control
        D. Light contact control
        E. Full contact with protective gear
    6. Hosinsool (self-defense)
        Review of all self-defense escapes learned thus far, with counter-attack

    7. Breaking
        Be prepared to break with one of the following combinations
        A. Side chop / side chop / twist round kick
        B. Side chop / spin hook kick / low round kick
        C. Punch / jump spin hook kick / front kick
        D. Flying side kick over 5-10 people

    Last Updated March 22, 2010