Husky Tae Kwon Do

Practices are held
some Tuesdays/Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Check the Practice Schedule for details.

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    Equipment Ordering
    Uniforms (Size/Price)
    Colored Belt$20.00
    Black Belt$50.00
    Adidas Black Belt$85.00

    Sparring Gear (Type/Price)
    Chest Protector$20.00
    Head Gear$22.50
    Cotton Arm & Hand Guard$8.00
    Proforce Arm Pad$11.00
    Proforce Hand Guard$17.00
    Macho Hand Guard$19.00
    Cotton Shin & Instep Guard$8.00
    Proforce Shin & Instep Guard$8.00
    Proforce Foot Guard$8.00
    Macho Foot Guard$8.00
    Kicking Paddles (Type/Price)
    Double Vinyl$15.00
    Double Leather$22.00
    Single Vinyl$12.50
    Single Leather$17.00

    Patches (Type/Price)
    Eagle Patch$2.50
    Husky TKD Patch$1.50
    Assosciation Patch$5.00
    Instructor Patch$5.00
    Arm Tabs$2.00 ea

    Snap Front Jacket$85.00
    Pullover Jacket$97.00

    Last Updated March 22, 2010