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    Testing Requirements for 3rd Gup - Brown Stripe

     1. Verbal or written examination covering
        A. Why practice all the customs and courtesies of the do jong?
        B. Why is bowing so importantt?

    2. Basic Techniques
        A. Upper Body Techniques Combinations
             1. Front up / triple punch
             2. In-to-out axe kick / inside middle block / outside middle block
             3. Out-to-in axe kick / outside middle block / inside middle block
             4. Front kick low and high / low block / punch
             5. Jump front kick / high block / punch
             6. Pivot hook kick / side chop / outside block / punch
             7. Pivot hook kick / low round kick / side chop / low block / punch
             8. Side kick / side punch
             9. Low and high side kick / open hand double outside block /
                low block / punch
            10. Front leg back kick / front arm outside block / side punch
            11. Spin hook kick / low punch / high punch
            12. Tiger stance / back fist / front hand punch
            13. Scissor block
            14. Knee kick
            15. Back fist / palm heel strike face focus
        B. Cha Gi Sul (kicking)
            Combination techniques starting with a skipping front foot side kick
            followed by each of the following... (Consider kicking with the same foot
            as the side kick as well as kicking with the skipping foot.)
             1. Front kick
             2. Low round kick
             3. Twist round kick
             4. Side kick
             5. Axe kick
             6. Spin back kick
             7. Spin hook kick
             8. Spin side kick

    3. Poomse (forms)
       Tae Geuk Yook Chong

    4. Hahn Bohn Gyo Roo Gi (one-step sparring)
        Twenty-five Advanced Combination Techniques

    5. Jah Yoo Gyo Roo Gi (free sparing)
        Free spar three rounds with different opponents demonstrating:
        A. Selective and properly timed offense
        B. Reaction defense with scoring counter
        C. No contact control
        D. Light contact control
        E. Full contact with protective gear
    6. Hosinsool (self-defense)
        A. Two handshake escapes
        B. Throat grab while lying down
        C. Front double shoulder grab
        D. Behind double shoulder grab

    7. Breaking
        Be prepared to break with one of the following combinations
        A. Punch / side chop / jump kick
        B. Front kick / spin hook kick
        C. Flying side kick over an obstacle

    Last Updated March 22, 2010