Husky Tae Kwon Do

Practices are held
some Tuesdays/Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Check the Practice Schedule for details.

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    Testing Requirements for 6th Gup - Green Belt

    1. Verbal or written examination covering
        A. Define how is Tae Kwon Do differentfrom Karate, Judo and Hapkido.
        B. Name you instructor's instructor's instructor.

    2. Basic Techniques
        A. Upper Body Techniques
            1. Reinforced Low Block
            2. Reinforced High Block
            3. Crossed Low Block
            4. Crossed High Block
            5. Down Palm Block (Check block)
        B. Cha Gi Sul (kicking)
            1. Throw any of the basic kicks using the forward or front leg
            2. Jump or flying front kick
            3. Jump or flying side kick
    3. Poomse (forms)
       Tae Geuk Som Chong

    4. Hahn Bohn Gyo Roo Gi (one-step sparring)
        Ten Advanced Combination Techniques

    5. Jah Yoo Gyo Roo Gi (free sparing)
        Free spar three rounds with different opponents

    6. Hosinsool (self-defense)
        A. Two different escapes from front hair grab
        B. One escape from rear hair grab

    7. Breaking
        One board, any technique at the instructor's discretion
    8. Essay
        In an essay of 100 words or more in length, explain why you are in Tae Kwon
        Do and why you will continue.

    Last Updated March 22, 2010